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Do Your HACCP with Safe-at-the-Plate®

You’re told that you need a HACCP program and perhaps a third party audit company. You want to avoid the expense of a full- or part-time employee, but all the outside consultants go into so many details that don’t apply to your operation!

Safe at the Plate is a company that has grown for 27 years by delivering a quality product with a passion for customer service. Experts in our field, we know how to equip you with a HACCP program that works, stands up to customer demands and fits your company.

Snapshots on customer comments on Safe at the Plate:

  • You came, you understood our company and you designed a program that works for us.
  • You understood our needs, you tailored everything to help us without burdening us with unnecessary details.
  • Safe at the Plate helped us train our staff sot that everyone bought-into what we were trying to achieve.
  • You were flexible in scheduling your visits.
  • Your audits taught us something.
  • Our program stood up when our vendors demanded documentation. 

Our HACCP program includes:

  • Preliminary site visit to determine your specific needs.
  • Preparation of a complete HACCP plan to include 
    • Critical control points
    • Critical limits
    • Corrective actions
    • Flow of food chart for potentially hazardous foods
    • Recipe revisions to include HACCP criteria
    • Educational program for staff
    • Data collection forms 
  • Periodic re-visits to : 
    • Update procedures as required
    • Review new products or procedures
    • Adjust HACCP plan as needed
    • Monitor data collection and corrective actions
    • Monitor training program
    • Review internal audits 
  • Provide ongoing third party audits if needed.
  • To ORDER a HACCP textbook or online HACCP training with certification please email us at